Every image is beautifully composed. Siewert uses composition and colour together, playing off each other. These technically brilliant images actually use colour to tell the story. There’s a beautiful pace in the type of lenses he uses, from tight telephoto to wide angle.
— Walkley Award judges

About Steven's work

Steven Siewert has been telling stories stories about Sydney and Australia through the eyes of its people for more than three decades as a specialist media and documentary photographer.

As a former staff photographer for the Sydney Morning Herald, he is familiar with the fast paced world of news gathering and made a career out of turning around quality work to tight deadlines.

Steven's arresting photographs have graced Fairfax Media's lifestyle, food, real estate and entertainment sections, and his videos and photographs have appeared across all digital platforms.

He knows what news editors want, which photographs will stand out in a sea of words and social media buzz, how to capture a personality, and an event or an infrastructure milestone in strong single portrait or visual story.